Aluminum Plywood

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Most dimensionally stable & strongest lightweight aluminum panels in the world

We represent manufacturers in the USA which provide end users and industrial segments with the best patented and patent pending aluminum hybrid panels made in the USA. Resulting high precision (+/- .006″ tolerances) aluminum laminated panels that come in a wide variety of configurations and may be customized to meet your specific requirements:

Aluminum panels so lightweight – Easy to handle

Basic Aluminum Plywood is the entry point and most economical approach to aluminum plywood. Base aluminum plywood is basically a sheet of plywood which has 0.063″ aluminum laminated to one or more sides of the sheet of patented Sing Core. Panel thickness can vary according to your specifications.

Stack of Aluminum T-slot Panels

Advanced Aluminum Plywood Panels:

Aluminum Plywood Panels can include a wide variety of configurations which may include (but are not limited to) warp-free patented Sing Core inside, which may include additional layers of materials laminated to the solid hybrid core.

Easy contemporary van conversion, unlimited possibilities

Aluminum Plywood Panels that are built with patented Sing Core inside will possess unique qualities unavailable by any other means which is attributed to inventor Peter Sing’s advanced Eco-friendly fully insulated (for sound deadening and climate control) lightweight (a fraction of other solid core panels) and high strength (stronger than steel pound for pound).

Patented lightweight aluminum plywood panels stronger than steel!

High-end Aluminum Plywood Panels can be guaranteed to remain warp-free for 50 years.